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Experience the difference with O General Air Conditioners today. Discover why it has been the top choice for air conditioning in the Middle East for over 50 years. Superior cooling, unmatched reliability, and cutting-edge technology—this is the O General Air Conditioning promise.

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Discover O General’s cutting-edge air conditioning systems. Energy-efficient, durable, and designed for extreme climates. Learn about our industry-leading solutions.

O General AC: Leading Air Conditioning Excellence in the Middle East

In the searing heat of the Middle East, one brand has consistently delivered exceptional cooling solutions: O General AC. Established in 1971, this company revolutionized the market by introducing the first desert-specific AC unit.

So, what makes O General AC stand out from the rest? The brand is renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. O General AC doesn’t just cool spaces; it creates comfortable environments where people can thrive.

Why Choose O General AC?

  1. Engineered for Extreme Heat: O General AC units are specifically designed to perform in the harshest climates. They excel in the desert heat, offering unmatched cooling efficiency.

  2. Energy Efficiency: In an era where energy conservation is critical, O General AC leads the way with high-EER models. Customers enjoy cool comfort without the burden of high energy bills.

  3. Unmatched Durability: The brand constructs its AC units to last, incorporating corrosion-resistant blue fin technology and hyper-tropical compressors. Investing in O General AC means investing in long-lasting reliability.

  4. Advanced Technology: Innovation is at the heart of O General AC, featuring:

    • Smart wireless control interfaces
    • PM2.5 air filters for cleaner environments
    • Auto-changeover modes for seamless operation
  5. Quiet Operation: O General AC units operate quietly, ensuring that comfort and peace go hand in hand.

  6. Versatile Solutions: The brand offers solutions for every scenario, from small apartments to large commercial spaces:

    • Wall-mounted units
    • Multi-split systems
    • VRF systems for extensive commercial applications
  7. Japanese Quality: With an R&D center in Kawasaki, Japan, O General AC ensures that every unit meets the highest standards of Japanese engineering excellence.

The O General AC Advantage

O General AC’s deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market sets it apart. The brand has evolved alongside the region, consistently meeting the unique challenges it presents. This commitment transcends business; it’s about enhancing lives with superior cooling solutions.

From the first desert-specific unit introduced in 1971 to the latest VRF systems, O General AC has consistently led the industry in technological advancements. The brand’s reputation as the leading air conditioning provider in the Middle East is a testament to its reliability. Homes, businesses, and institutions across the region trust O General AC to keep them cool and comfortable.

Looking to the Future

As climate challenges intensify, O General AC remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable and efficient cooling solutions. The brand invests heavily in research and development to create future air conditioning units that will cool more effectively while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Joining the O General AC Family

Whether outfitting a new office building, upgrading a home cooling system, or seeking reliable AC solutions for retail spaces, O General AC offers the perfect solution. The company’s team of experts is ready to assist customers in finding the ideal cooling solution for their needs.

Ready to transform your space with exceptional cooling? Contact O General AC and join the countless satisfied customers who rely on them for their air conditioning needs.


O General Air Conditioners 2024 latest prices

Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R410A Wall Mounted
123RASGA18-FD 1.5 2,882 ROTARY Buy Now
123RASGA24-FD 2.0 3,353 ROTARY Buy Now
120RASGA30-FU 2.5 4,647 SCROLL Buy Now
120RASGA18-FU 1.5 3,096 PISTON Buy Now
120RASGA24-FU 2.0 3,471 PISTON Buy Now
120RASGA36-FU 3.0 6,130 SCROLL Buy Now
Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R32 Wall Mounted Inverter
123ASGH18CXTA-UZ 1.5 3,496 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGH24CXTA-UZ 2.0 3,890 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGH30CXTA-UZ 2.5 5,190 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGH36CXTA-UZ 3.0 7,030 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGH36CXTB-UZ 3.0 7,030 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGG18CMTA-UZ 1.5 2,941 INVERTER Buy Now
123ASGG24CMTA-UZ 2.0 3,412 INVERTER Buy Now
Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R410A Ducted Split On-off
123RARGA18 /126RAOGA18 1.5 4,690 ROTARY Buy Now
123RARGA25 / 126RAOGA25 2.0 5,140 ROTARY Buy Now
123RARGA30 / 126RAOGA30 2.5 6,370 ROTARY Buy Now
120ARGA36FMTB-U / 124AOGA36FRTDSU 3.0 8,100 SCROLL Buy Now
120ARGA45FMTD-U / 124AOGA45FRTDSU 4.0 9,180 SCROLL Buy Now
120ARGA60FHTB-U / 124AOGA60FRTBSU 5.0 11,000 SCROLL Buy Now
Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R32 Ducted Split Inverter
123ARGG18CLTA-U / 126AOGG18CBTA-U 1.5 5,060 INVERTER Buy Now
123ARGG24CLTA-U / 126AOGG24CBTA-U 2.0 5,510 INVERTER Buy Now
123ARGG30CLTA-U / 126AOGG30CBTA-U 2.5 6,790 INVERTER Buy Now
123ARGG36CLTA-U / 126AOGG36CBTA-U 3.0 8,530 INVERTER Buy Now
123ARGG48CMTA-U / 126AOGG48CRTA-U 4.0 10,290 INVERTER Buy Now
123ARGG60CMTA-U / 126AOGG60CRTA-U 5.0 13,050 INVERTER Buy Now
Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R410A Cassette Type
123RAUGA18 1.5 5,330 ROTARY Buy Now
123RAUGA25 2.0 5,740 ROTARY Buy Now
123RAUGA30 2.5 6,760 SCROLL Buy Now
Type MODEL Tonnage Price Compressor Type Purchase
R32 Cassette Type Inverter
123AUGG18CRTA-UZ 1.5 5,597 INVERTER Buy Now
123AUGG24CRTA-UZ 2.0 6,027 INVERTER Buy Now
123AUGG30CRTA-UZ 2.5 7,098 INVERTER Buy Now
123AUGG36CRTA-UZ 3.0 7,938 INVERTER Buy Now
123AUGG45CRTA-UZ 4.0 10,269 INVERTER Buy Now
123AUGG54CRTA-UZ 4.5 11,372 INVERTER Buy Now

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